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Female Workwear & PPE

Finding the Right Fit: Addressing Ill-Fitting Workwear and PPE

International Women’s Day on the 8th of March encouraged us to reflect on gender equality and inclusivity.

Despite women’s substantial presence in various industries, they often struggle to find Workwear and PPE that fits properly.

It’s crucial to address the assumption that women can simply wear men’s clothing, which disregards their unique body shapes and specific job requirements.

Our recent partnership with Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), reaffirmed our commitment to supporting women in the workplace. JLL recently secured a prestigious contract to provide facilities management to an Aeronautical Manufacturing Client across the UK. As part of this partnership, we collaborated with the JLL teams to select appropriate Workwear and Corporate Wear for all staff, including over 200 female staff in various roles such as engineers, cleaners, supervisors, and front of house staff.

One of the primary goals was to ensure that all female staff members were provided with correctly fitting Workwear and PPE, tailored to their roles and preferences. We took a proactive approach to address the diverse needs of female staff. We curated a range of women’s garments, including high-visibility waistcoats and jackets, as well as front of house uniforms available in different fits and styles. Maternity wear options were also sourced to accommodate pregnant staff.

To ensure the perfect fit for every staff member, we conducted on-site fitting days. This allowed staff members to try on different sizes and styles, ensuring they felt comfortable and confident in their workwear. Additionally, our representatives were present on mobilisation day to facilitate any size exchanges or adjustments required.

The feedback from female staff was overwhelmingly positive:

“Polo tops fit perfectly and so do the jackets, very good quality.”

“The female trousers fit perfectly.”

“All good quality stuff and washes well.”

“Trousers – love them, bang on size and really comfy.”

“T-shirts – perfect, wash and dry lovely.”

Our collaboration with JLL demonstrates our dedication to supporting women in the workplace. By providing well-fitting, practical, and appropriate garments, we ensure that Women feel valued and empowered in their roles.

Reach out to us to discuss your requirements and explore our range of options.