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Roy Jones

Tell us a little about your role at Safpro

I oversee all sales activity at Safpro helping to direct the Existing Sales and Business Development Teams and provide the best we can for our customers – old and new.

What does a typical day at Safpro look like to you?

The first part of the day is trying to keep up with correspondence from the previous day. We then have a huddle with the Sales teams to look at what we achieved the previous day and set targets for the coming day. The rest of the day can be very mixed but includes customer meetings, internal meetings, speaking with customers and generally helping the team to achieve their goals.

Lunchtime will often consist of a 20-minute walk down the canal towpath to have a well needed breather.

We do still travel to customer meetings although post lockdown a lot more are held virtually.

What do you like to do outside of Safpro?

We have four Grandchildren so that provides very enjoyable occupation, in addition to this I enjoy cooking at weekends and looking after the garden. Nothing more relaxing than getting home on a Friday afternoon and jumping on the ride on mower… I also get involved in various charity organisations and activities.