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Georgia Dunn

Tell us a little about your role at Safpro

I look after all the admin for the NBD team. I support the team in getting samples ready, collating prices, and making sure all garments are looking good before they head off to their meetings. Once we have onboarded a customer I then look after everything that surrounds getting the new client setup on our system.

What does a typical day at Safpro look like to you?

I typically will start the day with a meeting to run through any priorities that need actioning that day. Once these have been discussed I get to work on those along with anything else that will crop up throughout the day. I spend a lot of time making sure branding and pricing is perfect for any new prospects and then if there are any customers that we have recently onboarded, I will be on hand for any questions that they may have.

What do you like to do outside of Safpro?

I like to spend my time with my son Oscar, we love going out on our bikes in the countryside and going for long walks with our two dogs. I also like to drink wine! 😊