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Pinnacle Group

The challenge

Demand for nitrile gloves increased massively during the COVID-19 pandemic and the level of waste grew with the upturn in demand. Used disposable nitrile gloves are not easy to recycle and often find their way into landfill sites where they can take up to 100 years to decompose.

Pinnacle Group recognised this challenge and were pro-actively looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce or remove their high volumes of disposable nitrile gloves that were streaming into landfill waste.

The Safpro approach

They partnered with Safpro and, through inspection and trial, identified a TraffiGlove LXT washable and re-usable long-life glove, part of a carbon neutral hand protection range. Following analysis of feedback on the success of the trial, Pinnacle launched the Traffi LXT TG1240 glove to the business.

The glove was rolled out to the entire Pinnacle workforce, suppling 10,000 pairs to their national workforce within the first six months. Both Pinnacle and Safpro received outstandingly positive feedback on comfort, durability, longevity. Most importantly, Pinnacle succeeded in removing their disposable nitrile gloves from their waste streams. As a bonus, Pinnacle reported that the investment covered itself within weeks.

The result

Most impressively, Pinnacle offset over 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 20 cars off the UK roads last year!

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