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Liebherr is a global leader in construction machinery, mining equipment, and
maritime cranes.


The challenge

Liebherr faced several challenges in managing their workwear procurement process. These challenges included an unknown and fragmented spend, which made it difficult to capture and consolidate all expenditure accurately. Furthermore, there was a lack of control over who could place orders, leading to inefficiencies and unauthorised purchases.

The Safpro approach

Liebherr partnered with Safpro to address these challenges through three key elements:

A. Quality workwear: Safpro provided Liebherr with high-quality workwear that met their specific requirements. The durable and comfortable garments not only enhanced safety and productivity but also improved the overall image and professionalism of Liebherr’s workforce.

B. Authorised order system: Safpro’s Optimise portal only allows authorised personnel to order pre-approved products, streamlining the process and eliminating unauthorised purchases.

C. Points control system: Safpro introduced a system with pre-set limits for each wearer, enabling effective management and cost control.

The result

The partnership yielded significant benefits:

  • Liebherr achieved a 43.4% cost saving on workwear spend in 12 months.
  • The authorised order and points control system improved control, accountability, and cost management.

Liebherr’s collaboration with Safpro resulted in tangible benefits, including substantial cost savings, improved safety, and better procurement control.

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