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Finding a better glove at a better price

A commercial catering company asked us for a solution to protect the hands of workers cutting foodstuffs, whilst managing costs effectively.

As a world leading catering and facilities management company, our client was looking for a way to reduce their business costs when cutting foodstuffs, without compromising on safety.

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The safpro approach

Their existing solution for hand protection was a pair of polyurethane coated gloves. In our initial meeting with the Health & Safety team, we quickly determined that during the food cutting process only the hand holding the foodstuffs required protection. With this in mind, we began investigating to see if it was possible to provide a solution that would greatly reduce costs. The next step was to see if there was an alternative glove product that could also offer additional safety benefits. After carrying out extended trials, it was decided that an ambidextrous Knitted Glove would be used going forward at a cost of just £2.75 each – a real saving on the previous price of £6.25 per pair.


The biggest benefit was the ongoing cost savings throughout the year. With initial savings of £1,330 in the first month alone, as the Knitted Glove is rolled out across other parts of the business, this number will continue to grow – in fact, it is estimated that the total savings will exceed £30,000 per year.

As well as the cost savings, other significant benefits also included improved levels of safety and protection. Unlike the previous glove, the Knitted Glove is food safe and has a cut level of 5 rather than 3.

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