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A holdall designed for mobile service operatives.

Keeping your PPE in good condition can be a health and safety nightmare if you haven’t got a proven solution in place. Too often PPE gets worn, damaged or discarded and consequently companies often find PPE expenditure spiralling out of control.

The Organisa PPE Holdall has been developed specifically for the mobile service operative. Organisa enables your operatives to maintain their PPE and easily identify missing equipment, whilst protecting the life of products to reduce PPE expenditure. It’s a product truly synonymous with the Support Services industry and utilised by organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

The Organisa PPE Holdall has proved to be a very successful product. Ideal for service engineers and construction workers, the Organisa keeps all the PPE cleverly stored in their own compartments, so that the products do not get damaged and are easily accessible for selection and use. A record card, detailing the contents and expiry dates for a helmet, respirator, etc. enable quick and accurate spot checks by Health & Safety personnel.

organisa holdall
Organisa 2
A place for everything & everything in its place.

Individual compartments keep everything in order, giving you easy access to all your PPE, whenever you need it.

Organisa 3
Spot checks by Health & Safety Officers? No Problem.

Organise your PPE effectively, with our clear internal pocket for quick access to your record card and content list.

Organisa 4
Reduce costs on lost or damaged PPE.

The durable Organisa holdall is the ideal PPE storage solution, protecting and preventing damage in the van or on site.

Organisa 1
Protect your team and build your brand.

 Want to personalise your holdall? We’ll help you apply your company logo to the Organisa to promote your brand.

Tel: 01452 529050 Email: Want to see how the Organisa performs close up? We can arrange a demo.

What our customers say

“Since the introduction of the Organisa holdall, we’ve seen many benefits for our engineers.  Not only does the holdall provide a clean and safe place for them to store their personal protective equipment, but the compartmentalisation of the holdall allows them to easily retrieve the items they need.  The separate first aid compartment is an added bonus too. Aside from this, the bag is easy to transport, which means they can take all the personal protective equipment to their jobs, using whatever is necessary without having to return to their van to collect additional items.”


“We’ve got a more consistent approach toward PPE. SAFPRO helped us to design a one-click PPE kit which has all the elements we need for a new person in the business, and that has definitely helped to ensure there’s consistency.”

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