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footwear innovation

Innovation as a State of Mind

Safpro’s aim is to make your workplace the safest and most productive it can be. We never rest in our pursuit of product perfection; assessing, tweaking and reinventing products continually, as our policy for innovation.

At Safpro we pride ourselves on our products. And where we’re not directly developing and producing those products ourselves – under our Onyx and Organisa brands – we work tirelessly with our partners to source and provide their ‘best-in-class’ items that fit the Safpro ethos.

But it’s in developing our own products – putting our 35 years in the business into action – where we and our customers find the most reward and satisfaction. Over that time, we’ve learnt never to rest on our laurels. The Safpro way, is that even the most accomplished products can always be a degree better, and we’ve built a culture around an ‘always innovating – never settling’ promise.

So how do we work to bring Safpro’s lines up to the next level? It starts with on-the-line inspections of our products as they’re being made. Our lines are made all over the world and we regularly visit our trusted suppliers to assess progress and quality. We ask the key questions: Are the materials as we’ve specified? Is the yield the same as we are expecting? Are there any problems or bottlenecks? Efficient, safe and reliable production allows us to deliver a superb product at a price that makes sense. Only by being on the ground at the pressure points can we truly know that we’re making the best there is.

Any Questions? Just Ask

Next, we listen. Our company stands or falls by its relationship with our customers and keeping them happy is our primary focus. We’re always asking, ‘could it be better’? And our buyers know that while we value them, it’s their feedback that we find invaluable. Their comments and suggestions drive our desire to innovate and improve. That way we’re always ready for the next generation – thanks to today’s in-the-field performance coming under our customers’ microscope day after day.

Our expert UK based development team never rests. Our cycle of development sessions, brainstorms and post-mortems mean that we’re our own harshest critic. Live samples from our production lines are literally taken apart and potential weakest links quickly identified and collaboratively debated. Gloves, shoes, jackets… It all comes under analysis, as regular as clockwork.

We’re always on the hunt for new materials and as one of the workwear world’s top manufacturers, we’re among the first to be offered new innovations. Innovations such as ever more flexible and breathable fabrics, able to stretch in every direction before returning to form millions of times without any sign of stretch or wear. Also, stronger kevlar for our gloves and lighter steel for our safety trainers. The list goes on.

Take 2… Take 3… Take 33…

Finally, we test and experiment. We take multiple versions of identical designs but switch out materials to see which perform best, such as alternative stitching patterns where for example we might put in three seams rather than two. We discover what works and what doesn’t work so well. It’s only by physically taking apart and remaking products this way that you can truly find what performs the best out of a list of options.

Beyond performance, safety and durability, it is also important that it looks good. Badly designed and styled workwear is workwear that often isn’t worn. Our designs are the result of collaboration, raw experience and ingenuity from the best team in the business.

And just like our gear, our team just keeps getting better. We are continually developing better ways to do things, learning new methods, advancing our knowledge across the whole organisation, so that the benefits ultimately are felt by you, our valued customer.

Discover our 2019 product line, available now and know that you’re equipping the best. Get your questions answered by the experts at or telephone us on 01452 529 050.