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How To Counter 5 Workplace Injuries

If you want to avoid common injuries and workplace incidents where workers can face potentially serious harm, select the right PPE to counter the impact and keep your workforce from adding to the accident statistics.

1) Facial Injuries

Protect delicate senses. Your team members’ most delicate senses are highly vulnerable to injury. It’s not always possible to work in a perfect environment but it IS possible to make any workplace a safer one by giving your workers’ eyes, ears, mouths and noses the basic protection they need.

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2) Slips and Falls

Slips arising from spills, wet surfaces indoors or out or unsuitable or loose floor coverings are all too frequent, yet there are precautions you can take to make them avoidable.

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  • Make mopping up easy and there’s no excuse for mess. Simple things make a difference such as having plenty of Blu 2 Ply Paper Roll.
  • Ensure a sure footing at all times with Safpro’s comfortable Onyx Breathable Safety Trainer.
  • Falls from a height were listed as the most common fatal accident in 2018 by HSE’s (Health and Safety Executive) annual statistics. Use a Miller Titan Fall Arrest Kit on site and have fall protection covered.

3) Cuts and Impacts

If it moves, beware. Injuries are rife through insufficient guards on machinery, poor or absent signage, incorrect use of equipment and circumventing safety systems. The worse the risk environment, the higher the need for PPE and workwear that protects.

Our Solutions

  • Working with sharp items or machinery? Go one better than a glove and use a full Hexarmour Sleeve.
  • When outside, site vehicles can pose a serious risk of impact. Keep safe and make your presence in danger zones known with Safpro’s Hi-Vis 4-In-1 Anorak. Available in ‘can’t-miss-it’ bright yellow or orange.
  • Make danger zones visible! Fix inadequate signage fast. Mark out danger zones, operating areas, tracks, runs and machine reaches with Roadmasters Line Marking Paint.

4) Heart Failure

Heart failure from working stress, unseen health issues, electrical shock or a serious accident means you need to be equipped to act fast. In the UK there are 100,000 hospital admissions every year due to heart attacks. A defibrillator in the workplace can save a life in that small window of time it is still possible.

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5) Strains

It’s true! Working too hard is bad for your health. Injuries arise through overstretching and repetitive physical wear and tear.

Our Solutions

  • Make life easier and safer. Lyteup’s portable, versatile Telescopic Ladder means there’s never a need to overstretch or take a chance.
  • Repeated standing, kneeling and crawling will take its toll on your kneecaps and add stress to your body. Keep moving with ease with the K1 Gel Swivel Kneepad.

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