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Facilities Management Made Easier

Do you work in Facilities Management, on services like heating, plumbing, fire safety, air conditioning and building maintenance? We have solutions that will make your working day a whole lot easier.

Facilities Management and Property Management, involves stringent and clear policies in risk prevention, and health and safety, to protect those people using the building. Ignoring them means property managers may face litigation or risk a tragedy.

If you work directly in Facilities Management, you are likely travelling to buildings, for example social housing, in your equipped van, making sure buildings are up to the correct standards with their wiring, plumbing or fire safety.

Safpro can help streamline some of your processes and the workflow of your day-to-day tasks.

Likewise, for regional managers, we have developed an online system that means you are on top of the needs of gear for your team members, and that’s not always an easy task when you are trying to keep track of operatives that spend most of their time out and about, in different locations.

Organised Mobile Operatives

First of all, for those mobile operatives that rely on having the right equipment for the job easily at hand, having a tidy organised space for essential PPE items can make a job so much easier. One thing we have learned over the decades of product development at Safpro, is that with a little innovation, we can make a big difference to the quality of a tradesmen’s working day.

One of our standout products is the Organisa PPE Holdall. This was designed for mobile operatives, such as those engaged in Facilities Management services. By storing different PPE items in their own compartments in the holdall, they do not get easily damaged, as opposed to shambolically throwing all the gear into a regular holdall. For an electrician this may include such items as, for example: rubber gloves for insulation, safety glasses, a first aid kit. A record card is integrated into the Organisa, which means you can easily check off and see clearly that all the right PPE is in the bag. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss something or not notice a damaged item. The record card means you can check expiry dates of kit ‘at-a-glance’ so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to replace PPE.

Tracking Tradesmen’s Equipment

For the regional managers who are responsible for ensuring teams have all the right PPE, we have another ‘unique to us’ offering. Whilst the guys ‘on the ground’ have their Organisa Holdalls to check and track kit, their manager has accountability to make sure kit is replaced at the right time. Optimise allows managers to streamline, track and control the order process, for reordering of PPE or workwear items, so that it is only replaced when needed, and to ensure there are not duplicate orders or missed replacement deadlines.

A manager can see the whole purchasing picture in one place, which makes life a lot easier. It can also assist with additional needs, such as branding options. There are levels or authorisation we can set on this online tool, depending on needs for access and it will deliver convenient reports on spending. Finally, when you do place an order, the system accesses only the kit that is fully compliant to the right regulations, so you’ll never have to sweat it out, worrying about the quality of the sourced products.

If you are a mobile operative or manage a team of mobile operatives for Facilities Management services, please look at the potential improvements and savings you can make by using our solutions at Safpro. We would be happy to demo Organisa or Optimise if you are curious. Just get in touch on 01452 529 050 or email