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We supply some of the leading companies in the UK and Europe and are committed to providing a consistently high level of quality products and service, whilst acting responsibly towards mankind and the environment.

Our Policies

As a professional PPE provider, we comply with the new PPE at Work Regulations 2018 which came into effect in April this year. This places additional responsibility on distributors, and professional providers such as Safpro have implemented procedures to ensure that we are in
line with these new regulations. We will soon have certificates of conformity and product usage data sheets for each of our PPE products, on our product website for access by our clients. We will have certification and data sheets on the portal for every core product. This focus on both accreditations and regulations ensure that we – and in turn our clients – are legally compliant and encouraging best practice.

Safpro operate a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and programme. This includes ensuring that our supply chain complies with the relevant ethical standards expected in the industry, for example SA8000 Social Accountability, and WRAP. All of our suppliers are audited to ensure compliance and our register is updated annually. New suppliers will only be accepted once we are satisfied that they meet the necessary criteria.

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