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Workwear for Women

Do some of your team members still feel like second-class citizens, grappling with over-sized, dangerous cast-offs? It’s time to embrace the new wave of workwear at Safpro, designed specifically for women.

It’s probably no surprise that in 2019 the percentage of women workers in the construction industry is at an all-time high – 14% of the total in fact. Likewise, 37% of all entrants entering are from higher education. The good news is that in 2019 more and more companies are wising up, changing perspectives and opening doors wider to ensure that the best possible new starters are engaged in the changing roles that today’s ever-evolving industry demands.

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Why We Created Optimise

Making the provision of PPE easier, faster and more reliable than ever.

After 35 years in the business we’ve heard it all. You’ve told us all about all the stresses, surprises, unexpected costs and miscommunications that just seem to be part of ensuring multiple teams in multiple locations are on spec and safe. Workwear procurement seems to involve decades of experience, the ability to keep tabs on ever moving targets plus a sizey amount of finger-in-the-air prediction. It’s a delicate balancing act between not blowing a budget and ensuring that all your teams are actually getting the protection that they legally deserve (get the latest on today’s top avoidable workplace accidents in our blog right here). And all the while being worryingly on the hook for your team’s safety. Procurement is – you could say – tougher than it really ought to be.

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Workwear for Summer Weather

Are you doing enough to ensure that your team members can stand the heat and still wear their essential workwear and PPE this summer? We have a summer range that will make it easier to keep performing in tough, hot temperatures.

Followers of Safpro’s blog may recall the article on the popularity of the hardhat cooling system. It’s important to change kit with seasonal weather and temperature changes, as with longer days and better weather your team can be highly productive. The hardhat innovation is one of many that are designed to make life more comfortable on sunnier days, so people can cope under the stress of heat.

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The Benefits of Branded Workwear

Branded workwear has a number of benefits for your team and your business. Here we explore why branded workwear can make an important difference, for employee performance and for marketing your company.

Some businesses choose not to opt for branded uniforms as a dress code, but they are missing a trick. Branding on workwear works on two levels, it influences the employee’s perception of their place and responsibility in a company and it promotes the business.

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