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Optimise is a powerful online management solution. The system takes the complexity out of ordering, especially if the order is created involving many individuals, each with specific requirements, at different locations. Optimise pulls all the information together to provide a comprehensive overview, which allows managers to see and understand the complete purchasing picture.

Onyx is an ever growing portfolio of high quality products designed with the customer’s protection and comfort in mind. Onyx takes the best features in products and uses them in our leading, world class range, with an emphasis on being trusted, durable and innovative. We have a large selection of different products that are proven in the environments they are designed for.

The Organisa PPE Holdall has been developed specifically for the mobile service operative. Organisa enables your operatives to maintain their PPE and easily identify missing equipment, whilst protecting the life of products to reduce PPE expenditure. It’s a product truly synonymous with the Support Services industry and utilised by organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Optisan is our newest brand addition and includes Hygiene solutions and products for maximum protection and health. Built on our knowledge and focused on our markets we have many products, some unique to keep your workforce protected simply and efficiently. From Certified EN Hand and Surface Wipes to Hygiene Boards and Stations we have the full range available to fulfil any requirement.

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