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What will the new PPE Regulation mean to you?

Regulating the supply of PPE is at the heartbeat of keeping the nation safe while working. Failure to make sure your Personal Protective Equipment is compliant could mean horrendous consequences and in the extreme case, death of the user.

Safpro to supply Speedy Hire with Workwear & PPE

SAFPRO has been awarded a two-year contract to supply the entire national workforce of over 4,000 employees at plant equipment hire firm, Speedy Hire with workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Want to keep customers' floor clean?

MukGuard, reusable, safety overshoes. The perfect solution to ensure your customers floors stay clean and your feet stay safe and protected.

Reduce costs on lost or damaged PPE with the Organisa PPE Holdall

The Organisa PPE Holdall is the ideal PPE storage solution, protecting and preventing damage in the van or on site.

Controlling tooling costs for a National Fire & Security Company

Hand Tools Provision with Controlled Costs for a National Fire & Security Company.

Firm suffers huge fine for ladder safety fail

The recent prosecution of Volvo highlights the importance of ensuring staff are trained in the correct use of equipment, particularly when it involves work at height, and how even a relatively low level fall can have devastating consequences.

Are you using the correct Safety Gloves?

Compass Group PLC were looking for a way to reduce their spend on hand protection whilst cutting food, but without compromising on safety.