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Site Safety

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Picture of Aff Foam Extinguisher 2ltr

Aff Foam Extinguisher 2ltr

Picture of Co2 Extinguisher

Co2 Extinguisher

Picture of Co2 Extinguisher 5kg

Co2 Extinguisher 5kg

Picture of Contract Paint Aerosol

Contract Paint Aerosol

Picture of Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

The SG300 alarm simply attaches to your key ring to offer immediate personal protection with the added benefit of a high intensity torch, which flashes to attract attention. The torch can also be used independently, lighting dark passages or illuminating keyholes in cars or front door allowing you to get in to your vehicle or house as quickly as possible. The SUREGUARD City Alarm has 130dB at its disposal which makes it as as loud as a marching band of 200 members.The alarm has been designed to be very simple to operate. It is easily activated by retracting the pin and the alarm only stops when the pin is replaced.